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 Concerta is a medication used to treat the various levels of attention hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. It has also been found to be a beneficial narcolepsy treatment and a substitute for meth and cocaine addicts, similar to a methadone substitute. This drug is known to be a stimulant and is a derivative of other stimulants that are similar in it's use.
Concerta has also been found to be a highly abused substance. Many people take it to feel "up" or have the energy they need to make through the day. Others find it to be a legal form of speed with easy access, and legal access. Physicians easily prescribe this drug making it easy for those predisposed to addiction more likely to become dependent; the same is also said for alcoholics.

Abusing this drug leads to incredible addiction and withdrawals when attempting to quite. with the popularity of labeling so many children as hyperactive it is an easy drug for family member and relatives to obtain.

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The use of this medication in young people has come under question by many professionals and parents. Is it addictive to a six year old? What will it do to my child's development? These are all important questions to ask. Despite the basic knowledge of what this drug does initially many do not know the long term affects. It has been said that when the drug is used over a long period of time various mental afflictions such as psychosis set in creating a negatively altered state of mind. Although it is being studied presently, many years went by with very little understanding of the long-term effects.
When deciding if this is an excepted course of treatment for your child it is always important to keep in mind how this will impact their growth. Is the addition of a mood disorder due to highly active stimulants worth suppressing your child's behavior whether it is viewed negatively or positively in today's society?
The medication Concerta has many positives and negatives. Only your doctor will be able to help you decide on a course of treatment. Are you willing to give your child medicine without truly understanding the future impacts? Many parents do with over one percent of the young US population on a variety of stimulants. Are you prepared to accept the negative repercussions of using this medication? Ask yourself these questions before you consider this medication for yourself or a family member.